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Ready To Sell? What Happens Next?

Let's be honest, the idea of selling your property is a little daunting... Once you have had your valuation - what actually happens next?



It's been a while since I last moved, how does this actually work?

Let us start by saying, if you want to work with us to move, and sell your home, you are in safe hands. Darren & Kristian have over thirty years combined experience, helping people in all situations to move. We have worked through different agencies over the years, large corporates, local independents, and everything in between. This experience helped us to understand what our clients like, what they hate about moving, what the pain-points can be, and where people could benefit from assistance. We offer a truly personal service, and you can contact us at any time, with any questions or concerns - you will have our personal mobile numbers.

I am ready to get things moving - what are the next steps?

Once formalities are out of the way (and we keep these as simple as possible, e-signature contracts etc.) then you can expect us to start organising everything with you - we will work out a time when we can attend with our professional photographer, and expert videographer, to start capturing the media that we will use for all of our marketing.

We will set up a Whatsapp group between all owners and ourselves, so that all parties can be kept up to date, instantly, and at all times. Got a quick question? Drop us a quick voice-note in the chat.

We always aim to 'launch' the property on a Thursday. All of the data available dictates that Thursdays see the most traffic on the property portals, for house-hunters looking to schedule their weekends viewings. Gauging the reaction from the market, we will then look to conduct a 'first day of viewings' the following Saturday, try and confirm as many appointments for the day as possible, and create some buyer competition. Let's face it, who doesn't want multiple buyers competing for their home!

Once viewings have taken place, we will work to collect and collate all of the interest and feedback, and (hopefully!) offers, and call you to discuss everything in detail. We will always offer you our advice at this point in terms of next steps, but ultimately the decision from there will always be yours.

But what if things don't go to plan? What if we don't receive offers?

We would love to tell you that our masterplan works every single time. The property market is always evolving and shifting, prices increasing and decreasing, who knows what the next election might bring for the industry - there's always things that we can't control that means that achieving a great sale for your home might take a little longer. Rest assured though, we always plan ahead for this.

To us, you are not just another transaction. We work with you to get results. We limit how many properties that we work with at any one time, which means that we have time, and energy to commit to your move, until we get you moved.

Fantastic, so you found us a great buyer, what happens next?

This is where the fun starts (not really - it's the boring bit). First step is to instruct a solicitor. We are always happy to offer you recommendations. Our decades of experience have taught us that solicitors can literally make or break a transaction - we know who will look after your interests, and who to steer well clear of as they are simply overworked.

Believe it or not, finding you the best buyer is only 40% of our job. Working with you, the solicitors, the buyers, the broker and other agents is where you really see the value of working with us. From overcoming survey issues, to encouraging complacent solicitors, to keeping the overly-enthusiastic estate agent that you are buying from at-bay, this all comes down to us, to ensure that your move is as smooth as possible.

The solicitors have told us we have exchanged, is that a good thing?

That's it, you are definitely moving! Not a huge amount happens between this and moving day, except packing the house. Next step is completion, when you actually move. We always plan to meet you at the house, on completion, to save you the hassle of visiting an office to hand over keys or any other formalities, it's always great for us to give you a nice send-off after our joint success, maybe offer you a little gift, before waving you off eagerly to your next home!


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