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Instant Digital Valuation

Based on previous sales data and recent market conditions, a valuation is calculated by a computer algorithm. This type of valuation provides basic details and gives you an approximate price in 60 seconds – perfect if you’re just curious. If you would prefer an expert opinion, we still have options to suit your situation.

60 - 70% Accurate
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Expert Digital Valuation

Without the need for us to come out and visit your property, you can tell us about the key selling points and any improvements you may have made to your property. Upload some photos and we will then review this and using our expert knowledge and taking into account current market conditions, send you a full personal report within 24 hours – perfect if you’re considering a move within the next 12 months. (Currently known as Social Distancing Valuation)

80 - 90% Accurate
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Face to Face Valuation

A home visit with the directors of the company. We will meet in person, discuss your property and any improvements you may have made and also what your plans are on moving. Using our expert knowledge, we will recommend a price and marketing strategy, detailing how we will achieve the best price for your property – perfect if you’re looking to move within the next few months.

100% Accurate


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