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The Anguish Of Selling A House That Still Feels Like Home

There can be an unrealistic notion that anyone selling their home is desperate to move, the reality is often quite different.



Your decision to move could very well be a practical one. You haven’t fallen out of love with your home; on the contrary, you can’t imagine living anywhere else.  But the pandemic, your stage in life, or circumstances have led you to make the heart-wrenching decision to find a new home.  At Bartlett & Partners we want you to know that we understand the anguish of selling a house that still feels like home, and we have some tips to make this big life change a bit easier.

The memories

How many firsts has your home seen? The celebrations, the tears, the laughter and love. You can no doubt play a movie in your mind of what each room has borne witness to over the years – as they say, if walls could talk… Memories are so powerful, something as minor as a particular scent can spark an instant memory and with it a whole lot of emotions. That’s what the thought of leaving will be doing to you right now, filling you with an abundance of emotions.

As difficult as this move may feel right now, nobody can take away your memories – they will travel with you wherever you go. Instead of focusing on what you will miss, try and concentrate your attention on the joy that this house has brought you over the years. Talk about the fun times and keep the memories alive, but don’t let them hold you back otherwise this could hinder your sale and your experience of this move.

When selling a house that still feels like home, it can be difficult to keep your attention on what is needed to benefit the sale. Your home may seem perfect as it is, but you need to try and see it from a buyer’s point of view. Could a lick of paint brighten a tired space? What about if you decluttered your kitchen and organised your garage? Every action you take to benefit the sale will also aid your future, as it will help you achieve a higher offer giving you those extra pennies to take to your new home.

You’re not allowed to move!

Just as it’s difficult for you to say goodbye, it could also be a wrench for your grownup children, especially if it’s a home they spent a lot of their childhood in. We have heard from many sellers in this situation, who tell us their children have forbidden them from moving. You know deep down they just want the best for you, their sentiment towards this property could be stronger if they see it as a stable thing in their life, that place they can always go back to and will always be ‘home’ for them.

Discuss the move with your children as early as possible, so they have time to work through their emotions as you do. They love you and know the benefits of this move. From our experience, after a couple of years in your new home, they will be extremely happy that you made the right decision for you!

We feel part of a family

You have the most amazing neighbours that, over the years, have come to feel like family – celebrating together, supporting each other, and of course the parties! When you leave your house, you are also moving away from a community that has shown you so much love. This can be difficult to come to terms with, but true friends will be there for you no matter what. As we move through life, people come and go, and you never know who you will meet in this next chapter of your adventure!

Will I feel at home?

One stumbling block many sellers in this situation worry about is whether they will find another house that will feel like home. You need to go on your search with an open mind and see properties that you would never have dreamed of viewing – a complete change could be exactly what you need. Never try to find the same exact home in a different size or location, because it will never quite be its equal.

There will be a house out there that gives you ‘that feeling’ when you walk through the door, and slowly but surely, as the days and months pass, this new house will start to feel like home.

Always look forwards

It’s hard not to reminisce or look back when you are thinking of leaving a house that still feels like home, but if you stay there, you could hinder a potential move. Keep your eyes on your ‘why’ for moving and see it as the exciting next step you are envisioning. Yes, you will have emotional days, but when you look back in years to come, you will be thankful that you had the courage to make that move when you did.

No matter what your motivation for moving, we are here to help you make it as smooth as possible. Why not give us a call to discuss further on 020 8614 1441.


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