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Are You Interested In Discovering Your Home's History?

The Richmond Borough is home to some of the most magnificent examples of Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian architecture. If you're considering buying a home here, it's useful to be able to distinguish between the various property styles.



Discovering architectural styles can unlock a world of unique features. From grand Georgian homes with high ceilings, to Victorian homes boasting detailed plasterwork and bay windows. And let's not forget Edwardian homes, with their light and airy rooms and beautiful front gardens. Which style do you love most?

A property's market value and necessary restoration work can be heavily influenced by the era it belongs to. The period can impact the unique characteristics and features of a property that set it apart from everything else. So, if you're searching for your dream home with a specific style in mind, targeting a particular era gives you a better chance of success. By embracing the distinct designs and features of each era, you'll make a more informed decision and soon be living in your ultimate pad.

Georgian Period Properties

Georgian homes, constructed from the time of King George I to King George IV (1714-1837), are incredibly spacious with large living areas. They were in complete contrast to the small, dark homes of previous eras, and were a welcome change!

A characteristic design feature of Georgian properties is the tall windows on the ground and first floors and smaller windows on the upper floors. This was because staff usually occupied the upper floors—therefore, they had smaller rooms with lower ceilings.

Another way to recognise Georgian period homes is the stucco exteriors. This typically has rendered plaster on the lower floor and exposed brickwork on the upper floors. You may also notice one or more bricked-up windows—done to avoid paying window tax.

Distinctive features of Georgian London homes

  • Three or four-storey townhouses with large sash windows on two floors and small dormer windows on upper floors.
  • Grand rooms in symmetrical proportions.
  • Stucco-fronted exteriors.
  • Townhouses set around a common garden square.

Victorian Period Properties

Want to travel back in time to the Victorian era? Queen Victoria reigned from 1837-1901, homes then were inspired by architectural styles from around the world.

At first, houses were simple like in the Georgian era. But as Victorian times progressed, designs became more ornate with inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement.

Homeownership was on the rise as smaller houses became more affordable. Although inferior in size, these homes still had high ceilings and fancy plasterwork to boast about!

Distinctive features of Victorian London homes

  • Colourful brickwork and bay windows.
  • Decorative stained-glass features, plasterwork, and ornate lighting.
  • Narrow hallways but high ceilings give rooms an airy feel.
  • Every room has a fireplace.
  • Sash windows.

Edwardian Period Properties

From the three types of period properties found locally, the Edwardian period is the shortest—lasting from 1901 until 1910. During this period, the Arts and Crafts movement heavily influenced building design. Edwardian homes typically feature simple, practical architecture. The interiors are usually a mix of traditional Victorian features and modern designs.

You know what's a typical feature of Edwardian homes? They have small front gardens, and the houses are set back from the pavement. This way homeowners felt like they had more privacy and could enjoy some green space right on their doorstep.

Edwardian homes are typically extremely well-constructed. This means that maintenance and repairs are usually minimal compared to Georgian and Victorian properties.

Distinctive features of Edwardian London homes

  • Wide range of architectural styles, often with mock Tudor cladding.
  • Red brickwork.
  • Front garden.
  • Large windows, sometimes with a square bay.
  • Wooden-framed porch.
  • Light, airy rooms that are relatively wide but with lower ceilings than Victorian or Georgian properties.

Walking the streets of Richmond, Twickenham or anywhere within the borough you will be treated to architecture from throughout the ages, you may be able to identify them as well as us having read this useful insight! If you are looking to buy, or sell a property within the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, please do call us on 02086141441.


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