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When Is The Best Time To Sell Your Home?

Darren and Kristian answer the question you’ve always wondered – when exactly should you put your property on the market?



There are plenty of myths about putting your property on the market, particularly when it comes to the best time of year to sell.

We thought we’d take a moment to discuss it.

Conventional wisdom says the housing market is seasonal: spring and autumn are the times to put your property on the market, but avoid the summer and winter months at all costs.

There is probably some truth to this. During the summer months people are more likely to be away on their summer holidays or spending time with family.

And much of winter is spent preparing for Christmas and New Year.

There are other factors to consider and it can all get a little confusing – is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? What about regional variations?

Ask the majority of estate agents when to sell and they will all shout the same answer:


Of course, they would say that – they want your business. The sooner they can get your property on the market the better. They’d rather have listed it yesterday.

As we’re sure you know by now, we think a little differently at Bartlett & Partners.

The best time for you to sell is…whenever you’re ready.

That’s right, not today. Not tomorrow. Maybe not next week, next month or even this year.

The right time for you to sell your home is when you’re ready, when you’ve thought it through, discussed it with friends and family and arrived at your own decision.

And when you’re ready, we’re here to help. If you decide to work with Bartlett & Partners, we’ll work to your timescales.

Even if it happens to be a ‘quiet’ time in the property market, when less buyers are about, you will find that correspondingly there will be less property available, so less competition!

If you’re not ready to sell your property now, we’ll wait for you.

If you are ready, then let’s get started.


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